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Harpazio™ Writes Instrumental Piano/Orchestral/Electronic Music in Addition to Lyrical Songs that Explore the Meaning of Life and Entrepreneurship

Dear Music Fan,


My music performance and production moniker is Harpazio for a very specific reason: to impart lyrical and musical rapture. When you take the time to hear me play you could discover yourself feeling elevated.


But is there any more triumphant and elevating Thought than the idea of True Individuality?


Besides being a musician I am also a Philosopher who believes humanity is on the brink of a very important realization – the acknowledgement of every human being as an Individual


But what is Individuality, really? Is it not the realization that every person is born with the right to experience and express Freedom of Thought, Emotion, Speech, and Action? And are not these 4 Basic Freedoms categorized best by referring to them as Spiritual Liberty, Psychological Liberty, Intellectual Liberty, and Materialistic Liberty?


If I am correct, then the only obstacle to World Peace is yours and/or mine’s interference to any human being’s natural manifestation of The 4 Basic Freedoms of Human Existence.


Do you want to join me in making this earth a fulfilling place to live in for all peoples by exploring my Philosophy of Liberty? If the answer is, “Yes” then open up your channels of communication to me so that we can inspire each other toward this very attainable Utopian Ideal.


In the Spirit of Imparting Positive Vibes,

Ryan David Dwyer