Harpazio at Piano


Harpazio (.a.k.a. Ryan David Dwyer) Bio

Harpazio is the Music Career Moniker for Ryan David Dwyer.  Ryan competed national gymnastics and placed 2nd in the country on the Still Rings in 1996 at the age of 16. He began to play piano at the age of 8 and became serious about writing lyrical songs at the age of 14. In 1994 his parents enrolled him into formal piano lessons at Music Man Music Studio in Wilsonville, Oregon. There his piano instructor, Ron DePuy encouraged songwriting and composition. Ron was so impressed with his music express that he invited him to play with his worship team. Improvisation was a constant theme among them and becoming spontaneously inspired to bring forth fresh sounds.


His music career officially began while working in a piano store in El Paso, TX. in the year 2002. A representative from the Jaguar dealership came in looking for a pianist. The manager had Ryan demo his playing and shortly after was hired. This opened his mind to the possibilities of being booked to play for money.



Harpazio is from the Greek word Arpadzo, meaning “rapture”. The goal of his musical and lyrical content is to catch up the listener to an unexpected and transformational dimension.  When the listener “feels” the meaning behind the words they can more easily embrace and apply the message to their lives. Anastasis means “resurrection” and ties into the idea of The Phoenix Bird “Rising from the ashes”.


In late 2014 Harpazio discovered his view of the meaning of life:

  • Freedom of Thought (sense of the future)
  • Freedom of Emotion (sense of the past)
  • Freedom of Speech (sense of the present)
  • Freedom of Action (sense of the timeless)

He noticed that The United States Bill of Rights #1 defends these rights:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion [freedom of thought], or prohibiting the free exercise thereof [freedom of action]; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press [freedom of speech]; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble [freedom of action], and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances [freedom of emotion].

Society has progressed very far since the advent of the USA because the underlying motivation to escape oppression and tyranny guided the Founding Fathers. Nevertheless, the world cannot experience the amazing ideas of Freedom if the laws of the USA and United Nations do not always keep the Individual as the focal point. Why is this important?

  • Freedom of Religion is all about Freedom of Thought; it should not be a protection for religious groups, but rather, the Individuals who empower those groups to exist; their ability to form their own unique Philosophy or join with the Philosophy of others
  • Freedom of Emotion is not about ethnic, racial, or cultural preservation, but rather, the Individuals who comprise such
  • Freedom of Speech is not about freedom to smear the reputation of Individuals or to report stories out of context
  • Freedom of Action is not about people whimsically fulfilling every passing whim but rather Individuals acting out of their innermost intention and gather together with others who are also free to intend

In order to keep experiencing The 4 Fundamental Freedoms humans must continually rise in their own ashes as The Legendary Phoenix Bird! Hence, the Harpazio Logo:

Harpazio Logo