Are you wanting to finally become a fan of a musician who sustains their music career by producing original heart-felt music instead of relying on performing cover songs of other people's originality?

Harpazio Pianist Ryan David Dwyer

What is a cover song?

When we hear “artists” say such things as, “Today I have for you a Whitney Houston cover”, what they

mean is that they’re playing their own version of of someone else’s original tune.

And, YouTube has made doing cover songs extremely popular.

Not all famous musicians/singers have authorized YouTube (TM) to pay them every time someone else sings their song, but most have done so.

However, Facebook (TM) is strict about covers and has no pay out system for the original rights holders.

They are notorious for taking down “cover songs” with their very intelligent API that can recognize specific sound recordings and mention of such songs.

In public, any time a band plays a cover song at a restaurant or pub, the original song rights holder is not getting paid.

There is really no way to monitor every instance of an illegal song performance.

Technically, all cover songs performed in order to make money, without the rights holder’s permission is – in principle – unjust.

However, the other side of the coin is that these “performance fans” are also providing “free marketing” for those artists…

…The way bands get away with sounding innocent is often by labeling themselves as “tribute bands”.

No one is going to think you’re a bad person or act if your purpose is to honor (pay tribute) to a song or artist by performing their song live.

Admittedly, there is a gray area of “right vs. wrong” when discussing the topic of cover songs, and I have done an experiment before putting up a cover on YouTube, knowing the artist will have been paid

My strong opinion is that those who advertise themselves as Songwriters should have the bulk of their music be totally original.

I also think that “Cover” is a sub-conscious way of saying that the artist is Covering up their own originality. 

Talent is not the same as creativity.

I promulgate my own original compositions and songs.

Sure, I’m talented but I am more creative than talented.

So, if you know for sure that you put most of your emphasis toward financially supporting “songwriters” who do mostly covers, then it is highly likely that you are not a great fit for listening to my music or considering yourself as a fan.

There is no sense in wasting your time or mine by being a “lookie loo” and just pretending you want to be part of my career.

However, if you really are interested in hearing some music that is outside the box (and from the heart) then watch the following video…

It is of one of my compositions called, “Come Before The Goddess”. 

It is based off a lyrical song called, “Bathsheba”. 

A friend of mine recorded an experimental video where we determined that the audio and video would be one take…

(No pressure or anything, right?)

Also, I made up my mind that at some point during the recording I’d break out into spontaneous music.

This means that there is an entire section which I never rehearsed and through which you can hear for yourself how magical originality truly is (when done artistically).

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Do you know for sure you are a fan of spontaneous and unrehearsed inventive instrumental and lyrical music in a wide variety of styles?

If so, keep reading because I have some surprises for you.

By the way…

My name is Ryan David Dwyer, and I go by Harpazio for my music career moniker for a couple of reasons:

1. Harpazio is from a Greek word (Arpadzo) and means “rapture” – to seize by force (I want my music to grab your attention and elevate you to another dimension)

2. Harpazio sounds really cool 

3. My entire life philosophy connects the idea of Harpazio/Rapture with the Legend of The Phoenix Bird (My logo is a Phoenix Bird with a Colored Square X Image) 

Harpazio Logo

In the Heart of The Phoenix is what I call, “The Square X Factor“.

All 4 Quadrants have 3 colors representing what I call, “The 4 Fundamental Freedoms“.

The Upper Left Square represents Freedom of Thought.

The Upper Right Square represents Freedom of Emotion.

The Lower Left Square represents Freedom of Speech.

The Lower Right Square represents Freedom of Action.

Our Lives are One Big Experiment In Freedom.

I believe that human beings crave The 4 Fundamental Freedoms more than anything else!

 When seeing ourselves as The Phoenix we will rise again out of the ashes of our failures and losses which culminate in poverty of every form.

Restriction of Thought, Emotion, Speech, and Action against any Individual is called SLAVERY.

Can you Think what you intend to think?

Can you Feel what you intend to feel?

Can you Speak what you intend to speak?

Can you Do what you intend to do?

Think-Feel-Speak-Do is my Mantra.

This 4-fold Manifesto of Individual Liberty is The Heart of the Phoenix.

And guess what?


1. Music Creation (Freedom of Thought)

2. Music Editing (Freedom of Emotion)

3. Music Mixing (Freedom of Speech)

4. Music Mastering (Freedom of Action)

These concepts make sense to music producers and I won’t get into them here.

But EVERY original song goes through a production process whereby the writer exercises their 4-fold Freedom.

In essence, each and everyone of us have a choice to produce our lives the way we intend or have other people and entities produce our lives the way they intend…

The choice is ours…

When we Fail and experience Restrictions of Thought, Emotion, Speech, and Action we burn up in our own ashes!

Embracing The Heart of The Phoenix is all about accepting the Knowledge of Resurrection, that we will Rise Again through the Strength of our Intention – always.

Harpazio Music isn't merely about the sounds you hear...

Harpazio is the Rapture one experiences when you Rise Again as an Individual with Freedom of Thought, Emotion, Speech, and Action...

Do you truly desire to be associated with a Musician who makes you feel elevated in the deepest parts of your being?

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